Octagon House Museum • Hudson Wisconsin

Northern Moon Book Club July 14th

St. Croix County Historical Society presents Northern Moon Book Club at the Octagon House Museum, 1004 Third Street, Hudson, WI. The book club will be reading the “Northern Moon” trilogy of historic fiction by author Phil Peterson, Sr. Explore the impact of Prohibition on western Wisconsin during the Octagon House Museum’s summer book club. The book club meetings will be held at the Octagon House Museum on the porch reception area.

On Sunday, July 14th at 4 p.m. the book club will review book 2 “Northern Moon Shadows: Prohibition, Bootleggers, and Speakeasies”

In the second book of the trilogy the Cartier family story resumes with bootlegging moonshine from the Barrens of Wisconsin into the Twin Cities. Prohibition continues to turn farmers into practiced criminals as they are dragged more deeply into the dark underside of prohibition’s blossoming crime. With secrecy, strategies and disguise, they avoid Federal Revenue agents in their efforts to supply the speakeasies and those thirsty for moonshine.

The book club is open to any readers who are interested in Prohibition and reading the “Northern Moon” trilogy.