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The St. Croix County Historical Society (SCCHS) was co-founded by Genevieve Cline Day (1884-1967) and Willis Miller (1918-2008) in 1947. The historical society was first housed in the basement of the Hudson Carnegie Library and in 1964 the Society acquired the Octagon House for use as a museum and a permanent home for SCCHS.

Octagon House Museum

The Octagon House was built for Judge John Shaw Moffat and his wife, Nancy Bennet Moffat, New Yorkers who arrived in Hudson in 1854 with their young daughter, Mary. Four generations of the musically inclined Moffat-Hughes family lived in the home over a span of 102 years.

The Octagon House is a fine example of the novel eight-sided dwelling popular in America in the mid-1800s. Such a house was considered conducive to healthy living as light and air could enter from eight directions.

The Museum is open for tours from May-October and December (prior to Christmas). In addition to the gracious, restored house with Victorian era furnishings, the museum complex includes the Garden House with its 19th century life, domestic arts, carpenter, blacksmith, and general store tableaux; and the Carriage House, which includes the Museum Gift Shop and Research Center. All structures are set amid expansive, beautifully maintained gardens.


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